Expert Treatment for Every Smile

Hull & Coleman Orthodontics is proud to offer orthodontics for all ages. No matter your age, you deserve a happy, healthy smile. If you’re in or around Charlotte or Wesley Chapel, then we’ve got you covered!

Treatment for Kids

At Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, we know that your child's oral health and smile are important to you. Our orthodontic treatments for children are designed with their unique needs in mind.

Early Check-Up by Age 7

Dr. Hull, Dr. Coleman, and The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child's initial orthodontic evaluation should happen by age 7.

While not all children need immediate treatment, this early assessment helps us anticipate the right time to start treatment. That means we save you time and money. Not only that, but your child has the best possible opportunity for a simple, effective treatment.

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Benefits of Early Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment can prevent more significant issues from developing and simplify future treatment. Dr. Hull or Dr. Coleman can achieve results during early treatment that may not be possible once facial and jaw development is complete.

Recognizing the Signs

It's not always obvious when a child needs orthodontic care. Signs such as early or late loss of baby teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, or irregular breathing patterns may indicate potential issues. Our team is here to assess and guide you through the process.

Treatment for Teens

Teens in Charlotte and Wesley Chapel have more options for treatment than ever before. The technologically-advanced options we use make treatment more appealing and, with a Hull & Coleman smile, you can gain confidence and happiness.

Addressing Orthodontic Concerns

Dr. Hull and Dr. Coleman are skilled at identifying spacing, crowding, bite, and alignment issues during the teenage years when most permanent teeth are in place.

Teens can choose from the following advanced treatments:

Transition from Phase I Treatment

Many teens may have already undergone Phase I orthodontic treatment earlier in childhood and are now ready for full braces or other orthodontic procedures.

Benefits of Teen Orthodontic Treatment

Achieving straight teeth through orthodontic treatment offers numerous advantages for teenagers. These benefits include enhanced durability, reduced maintenance needs, lower risk of gum disease, and better bites.

Teen Orthodontics FAQs

Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic treatment isn't exclusive to children and teenagers. At Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, we know it's never too late for adults to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

In fact, did you know that one-in-five new Charlotte and Wesley Chapel-area patient is over the age of 18?

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Addressing Orthodontic Concerns

Orthodontic treatment at later stages in life can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self-esteem.

Not only that, but improving the health of your teeth and gums is equally important.

Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss, tooth decay and abnormal wear of teeth, TMJ dysfunction and problems chewing.

Dr. Hull and Dr. Coleman have the tools and the know-how to keep your smile looking and feeling great, no matter your age!

Teeth Continue to Move

Contrary to popular belief, teeth continue to shift even in adulthood. This can lead to discomfort, difficulty in brushing, and a less-than-ideal smile. Orthodontic treatment can address these issues effectively.


Preserving Oral Health

Neglected misaligned teeth may lead to dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, chewing difficulties and abnormal tooth wear can arise. Adult orthodontic treatment can help prevent these issues.

Adult Orthodontic FAQs

Start Your Smile Today

Embark on your path to a healthier, more confident smile today by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Hull or Dr. Coleman.

Visit Hull & Coleman Orthodontics in Charlotte or Wesley Chapel, and let's discuss your unique needs and smile goals. We can’t wait to get started!