Traditional, Dependable Treatment

Metal braces are still another great treatment option at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, and for good reason.

Patients in and around Charlotte and Wesley Chapel love how dependable, affordable, and comfortable modern braces have become.

All About Metal Braces

A lot has changed when it comes to modern metal braces at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics.

When you think about metal braces, you may picture bulky metal eyesores that hide your smile or the stories of those who’ve come before you about how much they hurt.

Times have changed. We use an innovative type of braces design called “twins”.

They get their name from because the fact that there’s a slot for the archwire (the wire that runs through the braces) on both the upper and lower sides of the bracket.

This design gives us more control for more efficient tooth movement.

Compared to traditional brackets with only one slot, twin brackets can provide more precise movement of the teeth, reducing the need for additional appliances or adjustments.

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The mini-twin brackets we use are made by 3M and, like our other options, offer the highest quality available. Patients love their smaller, more compact size, which enables treatment to be less noticeable, but not less effective.

While its profile is up to 30 percent smaller than the competition, these brackets still give us the stability and control we need to get you to your new smile quickly and comfortably.

Exploring the Parts of Metal Braces

Metal braces include a number of crucial components, each serving a distinct role in the orthodontic treatment process. Let's take a closer look at these fundamental elements:


Brackets are small, square-shaped attachments securely bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Their primary function is to act as anchors for the wires and elastics used in metal braces.


Archwires are thin, flexible wires that thread through the brackets. These wires apply consistent pressure to your teeth, guiding them into their desired positions throughout the course of treatment.


In certain cases, Dr. Hull or Dr. Coleman may place bands, also referred to as metal rings, around your molars. These bands provide additional support and leverage, anchoring the entire orthodontic system effectively.


Elastics, commonly known as rubber bands, play a vital role in your orthodontic treatment. They connect various brackets and bands, assisting in aligning your bite and addressing specific orthodontic concerns by applying targeted pressure.

Metal Braces FAQ

Supercharge Your Smile

Our modern twin-slot system has revolutionized metal braces, and we can’t wait to share the benefits with you.

Whether you’re in Charlotte, Wesley Chapel, or the surrounding communities, we’re ready and waiting to serve, so get started at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics with your free consultation.