Custom, Clear, for You

At Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer LightForce 3D-customized clear braces, an innovative treatment that’s as unique as your fingerprint.

If you’re in or around Charlotte or Wesley Chapel, you’ll love the many benefits of this exciting new treatment. Dr. James Hull, Dr. Turner Hull, and Dr. Coleman are ready to revolutionize your smile with LightForce 3D-customized braces today.

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Crystal-Clear Treatment

Dr. Hull and Dr. Coleman use advanced LightForce technology to create ceramic braces that are uniquely designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

This customized approach not only speeds up your treatment but also reduces the number of office visits required by up to 41% for you and your family.


You’ll Love These LightForce Benefits

  • More Efficient Treatment (thanks to braces designed to match your teeth exactly)
  • More Ideal Results (a digital treatment plan and better brackets have you covered)
  • Perfect Fit (thanks to digital scans, you’ll enjoy perfectly-fitting braces)

Want another awesome benefit of our clear braces treatment? Nobody in the state has more experience with this treatment than we do.

You know you’re getting the best service available with Hull & Coleman Orthodontics. Many practices are getting in on clear braces these days, but we’ve been involved with this cutting-edge care longer than anyone else.

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The Modern Solution for Care

LightForce helps Dr. Hull and Dr. Coleman offer a faster treatment experience and exceptional results for every patient. This is possible thanks to the custom 3D-printed brackets and a fully integrated digital platform for monitoring your progress.

We design each LightForce treatment plan based on your unique tooth shape, jawline, and facial structure. That means you get a perfect fit throughout the straightening process.

Feel better and spend less time in our office and more time smiling with Lightforce Clear Braces.

The Results Are In!

When it comes down to it, Lightforce 3-D Customized Braces are faster and more efficient. Studies demonstrate that this treatment option is 45% faster and leads to 41% fewer office visits over all.

See the Study

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braces charlotte

Lightforce Clear vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Take a look at clear, ceramic braces – a less conspicuous alternative to metal braces. However, the new LightForce clear braces take subtlety to the next level.

Thanks to their smaller components and polycrystalline material, these braces blend in. In fact, you'll hardly notice them in your mouth!

LightForce clear braces offer much greater treatment efficiency compared to traditional braces.

If you're an older teen or an adult patient at Hull & Coleman Orthodontics, the nearly invisible appearance of LightForce clear braces is an excellent choice for discreetly aligning your teeth without the conspicuousness of metal braces.

As a family-owned and operated orthodontic practice, we decide what technologies to use, not some corporate bean counter. Lightforce 3-D customized braces are an awesome alternative to traditional metal.

Is LightForce For You?

Dr. Hull, Dr. Coleman, and the rest of the team can’t wait to help you find your dream smile. Chances are, Lightforce clear braces could be just the right tool for the job.

Take your first step towards your perfect, new smile with a free consultation. Come to our office in Charlotte or Wesley Chapel to see if LightForce clear braces fit your lifestyle.

orthodontist charlotte nc