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Metal Braces

Sometimes The Simple Approach Is Best

When you think about metal braces, you may picture big metal things that pretty much cover the teeth and stories of those who’ve come before you about how much they hurt. Times have changed. The metal braces we use are called “twins” because they have a slot for the archwire on both the upper and lower sides of the bracket. This design gives us more control for more efficient tooth movement.

Compared to traditional brackets with only one slot, twin brackets can provide more precise movement of the teeth, reducing the need for additional appliances or adjustments. The mini-twin brackets we use are made by 3M and, like our other options, offer the highest quality available. Patients love their smaller, more compact size, which enables treatment to be less noticeable, but not less effective. While its profile is up to 30 percent smaller than the competition, these brackets still give us the stability and control we need to get you to your new smile quickly and comfortably.